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ZENOPS is one of the most powerful optical companies in the world.

One-stop solution for optics,


Customized product to the specifications that customers needs. If you need to customized product, please contact to us.

The best solution


Customized and standardized. We provide high quality and cost effective products for customer.

    ZENOPS is a supplier of a wide range of
    optical products including high-precision
    optical components, lens systems and assembles.

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    Prototyping to mass production,
    our expert optical engineers provide
    design, manufacturing and expertise.

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    Contact us at sales@zenops.co.kr
    and our specialist will contact you
    as soon as posibble.

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Optical Company

Based on Q. Quality C. Cost D. Delivery,
we wish to become a one-stop solution for optics.

We provide a variety of solutions with a focus on the "needs" of our customers that we can provide competitive and top-quality products that can meet our customers' expectations in the most cost-effective and cost-effective manner.

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F-Theta Lens

64TD255U110 Telecentric Lens

This specification and design will continue to improve. Contact your sales representative or via email at sales@zenops.co.kr to know more about the product.

  • Wavelength: DWL 1064nm
  • Effective Focal Length: 255.0mm
  • Scan Field: 110mm x 110mm
  • Entrance Pupil: 30.0mm
  • Substrate: Fused Silica

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The best products R&D

We research and develop high-quality products according to the customer's needs.

Quality Check and Continuous upgrades.

Precision quality checks over multiple steps to minimize defects. We also provide additional solutions if the customer's quality is not met.

Cost effective

we can provide competitive and top-quality products that can meet our customers' expectations in the most cost-effective.

Fast shipment to customer

We are working with excellent logistics systems and partners, and we are doing our best to ensure that customers receive it at the desired delivery date.

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"We would like to bright your industry
with our optical technology"